‘Teen’ refugees may sink Merkel

A truly tragic story. A mother and father accepts a supposed child refugee as their own son. That child refugee turns out to be an adult and stabs a knife through their daughters heart. Though this case is tragic, it’s not the first case of its kind in Germany. What we see here is a complete lack of awareness, a complete lack of common sense. We see people – from politicians to well meaning members of society – wanting to be seen as compassionate and being thanked with the blood of German girls. Truly astounding.

Mia’s family accepted Abdul, the Afghan refugee who became her boyfriend, as their “own son”. Yet two days after Christmas, in a fit of jealousy, he allegedly ambushed the 15-year-old girl in broad daylight and stabbed her though the heart with a 4in kitchen knife.

Mia, from the West German town of Kandel, died in hospital. Abdul, an unaccompanied underage asylum seeker who claims to be 15 but appears older, is in custody awaiting charges.

The case has ignited a fierce debate about the handling of tens of thousands of underage asylum seekers whose presence in Germany is laid at the door of the chancellor, Angela Merkel, as she tries to form a government.

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