Celebrate refugees arriving…just don’t put them near us

Tip: It’s not in Sydney’s North Shore:

Half of Australia’s 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees to be settled by just one Sydney council

The Sydney Morning Herald, a bastion of inner city green left thinking, lists some important facts for its readers:

  • It’s Fairfield City Council
  • It’s one hour west of the CBD (for those readers that don’t ventured west of Central station)

Such a relief, it really should be classified as a good-news story.

There are a couple of points that will disturb some Fairfax readers though. One refugee is quoted as saying “Very welcoming and helpful people. I love it here.” Fairfax readers will be no doubt be concerned about the mental health of these people – Australian’s are supposed to be racist and hostile to refugees – this refugee is clearly delusional.

The article also mentions that Fairfield Council has an unemployment rate of over 8%, compared with 5.6% nationally. With refugees being more industrious and adding so much to our society, how can this be?

Still, the fact that these refugees are nowhere near the inner-city will comfort most readers.




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