Apex Gang – the real disgraceful conduct is by our politicians

I was struck by the words of Sergeant Tim Lambourne on Saturday, after a jewellery store in Melbourne was the target of a violent robbery, for the second time in a matter months.

“It’s disgraceful conduct by these people with no concern for the welfare of staff — abhorrent is probably the best word I can think of [to describe it] at the moment,” Sergeant Lambourne said.

Often glossed over when covering these types of crimes is the absolute devastation they can have on a persons life. The news report may say that nobody was seriously injured, but you’ll never hear a news report say:

Distressed staff after Saturday’s robbery

“Nobody was seriously injured, but a staff member will never forget the moment a gun was pointed at her. Once you’ve experienced that, it’s with you for life. Her life and livelihood has been shattered, she’ll be on stress leave for months, but may never be the same after this robbery…”

No, this type of information doesn’t get reported in the news cycle.

A mention was made that one staff member had just returned from stress leave. This gives us some indication of the trauma that the staff face.

But what about the ‘disgraceful conduct’ by the gang members? Unfortunately, that charge should be leveled at our politicians. Despite well publicised issues, warnings from commentators and even by African communities themselves, in 2003-4 Africans accounted for 70% of Australia’s refugee intake.

And now we have a problem with no easy solution.

Yes, it’s disgraceful.





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